Plant Growth Nutrients


—Contents – L Cystene, Amino Acids

—Application – Foliar Spray 1 ml/lit

—Key Benefits –

i) Improved metabolism.

ii) Improved flower & fruit setting.

iii) Brings hormonal balance in plant.

RootR 2

—Contents -Potassium Humate – 65%

—Application – 250gm/acre or Spray 1gm/lit

—Key Benefits –

i) White root development.

ii) Sufficient availability of nutrients.

iii)Appropriate pH content of soil.

StarGrow 1

—Contents – Humic acid, Amino Acids coated granules

—Application – Soil Aplication – 5 kg/acre

—Key Benefits –

i) Enhanced soil nutrient availability.

ii)Enhanced soil physical properties.

iii)Can be mixed with chemical fertilizers.

Calyz 1

—Contents – Hydrolyzed proteins 80%

—Application – 200gm/ acre, Spray-1 gm/lit.

—Key Benefits –

i) Induces flower  and fruit initiation.

ii) Reduces time of maturity.

iii) Enhances protein content of plant.

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—Ferro EDDHA

Contents – Chelated Ferrous 6% (EDDHA)

—Application – Soil Applicatio-500gm/ acre

—Key Benefits –

i) Reduces deficiency of chlorophyll.

ii) Effective in high pH soil.

iii) Effective in case of yellowing of leaves.

BCal Mix 1

—Contents – Che. Ca-6%, B-5.5%

—Application – 500gm/ acre, Spray-1 gm/lit.

—Key Benefits –

i) Supply of Ca and B in balanced form.

ii) Ca deficiency leads to leaf curl, yellow margins.

iii) B deficiency leads to stunted growth of shoot, buds and leaves.

iv) It arrests the Ca and B deficiency.

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